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Sherry Treppa – Executive Council – Chairperson

Sherry Treppa is Chairperson for the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake, a federally recognized Indian Nation located in Upper Lake, California. Treppa was elected to the Tribe’s seven member Executive Council as Vice Chairperson in 2004. She was re-elected in 2006, and served as Vice Chairperson until 2008, when she was then elected and again re-elected to her current position. As Chairperson, Treppa is tasked with leading the efforts towards preserving the tribe’s Pomo culture and inalienable right to sovereignty, while continually striving for economic self-reliance, through e-commerce, gaming and other economic opportunities unique to tribal lands.

Prior to her work for the Tribe, Treppa served as an Account Manager, where she was responsible for servicing multiple industries, including medical, biotech, wine, welding and pharmaceutical. After more than 15 years in the private sector, she recognized that her efforts could be better utilized on behalf of her Tribe. Before joining the Executive Council, Treppa began her work for the Tribe as a volunteer for the Enrollment Committee in 2001. As the Committee’s Chairperson, along with other dedicated Committee members, she shepherded the Tribe through its initial enrollment of current membership. She also served as an influential member of the Tribe’s Housing Committee.

Treppa’s ongoing efforts have contributed to the process of restoring the Tribe’s land base and goal of economic self-reliance. She spearheaded funding negotiations for the Tribe’s current gaming ventures, while working cooperatively with the County, local Community, State, Legislature, and the Tribe’s U.S. Congressman in an effort to secure a Gaming Compact with the State, guide it through the legislative ratification process as well as the final Department of Interior review procedure. Treppa also worked as one of the Tribe’s project management representatives in the day-to-day construction coordination of the Running Creek Casino Gaming Project, which opened in May 2012. Additionally, she represents the Tribe in raising capital, structuring, development, implementation and operation of the Tribe’s e-commerce businesses. In connection with the Tribe’s e-commerce businesses she was a founding member of the Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA), where she assumed the position of Vice Chairperson of the Board.

She has also served as a member of the California Indian Legal Services (CILS) Board of Directors, the Tribe’s National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) and National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) delegation. Chairperson Treppa is often called upon to testify in her capacity as an experienced Tribal leader at Legislative hearings for a variety of issues with the potential to impact Indian Country. She has been repeatedly recognized for her active commitment to Native American issues and their mission to achieve economic growth and long-term financial stability.

Treppa was born in Lake County and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated with a bachelor of science from the University of San Francisco. She has two children and currently resides in Napa, California.

Angelina Arroyo – Executive Council – Vice Chairperson

Angelina ArroyoAngelina Arroyo is Vice Chairperson for the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake, a federally recognized Indian Nation located in Upper Lake, California. Arroyo was elected to the Tribe’s seven member Executive Council as Executive Secretary in 2004, a position she held until re-elected in 2008 and served until 2010 when she was then elected to her current position. As Vice Chairperson, Arroyo is charged with leading the efforts towards preserving the Tribe’s Pomo culture and inalienable right to sovereignty, while continually striving for economic self-reliance, through e-commerce, gaming and other economic opportunities unique to tribal lands.

Prior to joining the Executive Council, Arroyo commenced her work for the Tribe as a volunteer on the Enrollment Committee in 1999, where she was actively involved drafting the Tribe’s Enrollment Ordinance, which is still used today. In 2001 Arroyo became an advocate for the Tribe’s Indian Child Welfare Program (ICWA), which actively monitors the safety and protections of its tribal youth while proactively providing tribal members with the supportive resources to fully function as a family unit. She joined the Project Management Team (PMT) in 2009, where her contributions led to the successful debut of Running Creek Casino, the Tribe’s first sovereign enterprise in May 2012. In addition to these efforts, Arroyo has served as the Inter Tribal Council of California – Domestic Violence (ITCC), California Tribal TANF Program (CTTP) delegate and education representative for the Upper Lake School District and is the current Fee to Trust delegate. She also serves on the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and is a member of the United Pomo Nations Council (UPNC), which protects the economic interests of Pomo tribes.

Today she represents the Tribe as an alternate to the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA). She is also the Executive Council’s liaison to the Tribal Gaming Commission (TGC), which is tasked with ensuring gaming compliance, rules and regulations.

Arroyo was born in Lakeport and raised in Upper Lake on the former reservation. She completed her primary and secondary education in Upper Lake before receiving her bachelor of arts in communication in 1992 at Humboldt State University located in Arcata, California. She later went on to receive her paralegal certificate in 1993. She currently resides in Upper Lake with her four children who have each been raised to know and actively participate in their Pomo culture.

Kimberly Cobarrubia – Executive Council – Treasurer

Kimberly CobarrubiaKimberly Roni Cobarrubia, Executive Council Treasurer, elected June 12, 2010.

Kimberly Roni Marcks Cobarrubia, Executive Council Treasurer, elected June 12, 2010 to a 4-year term and re-elected June 7, 2014 to another 4-year term.

Born in 1980, Ukiah, CA and raised in Lake County, Lakeport, CA until graduating Clearlake High School in 1998. Kimberly is a Native American Pomo Indian with the clear ambition to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a strong minded, independent Native American woman, actively engaging in tribal politics/government. Her maternal grandmother is of the Round Valley Indian Tribe, Covelo, CA while her maternal grandfather is of the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake Tribe.

After graduating high school Kimberly left Lake County for numerous years, only to return to Upper Lake, CA after becoming a mother of 2 healthy sons. Kimberly had chosen to raise her family back in Lake County where she initially grew up so her children could experience their own traditional native values and culture.

As of July 28, 2001 Kimberly became an official enrolled adult Tribal Member of Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake. In 2002, Kimberly first started working for the Tribe as a Receptionist then later led to a contractual position as an Archival Coordinator. During Kimberly’s early adulthood she has been employed in various positions for other local Lake County Tribes (gaming and non-gaming); positions such as Environmental Protection, Human Resources, Payroll, Accounting, Marketing and Hotel Services. In addition, readily volunteered for her Tribe and the Lake County community; on Enrollment, Parent Advisory, ITCC (Inter-Tribal Council of CA), LCOE (Lake Co. Office of Education) Upper Lake SARB (School Attendance Review Board). With this form of experience, knowledge and capability, has only prepared her for her elected position of Executive Council Treasurer. . That being said Kimberly’s goal was to continue to further her education by obtaining her Associate of Arts Degree from Mendocino College in General Studies which she accomplished in the summer of 2010.

As a proud mother of 2 very active, growing boys, who are very much involved in many different sports (basketball, baseball, soccer and football), but more recently keeping it to basketball and football, this keeps Kimberly extremely busy on her down time. Both the boys have started playing AAU basketball TJ playing year round for the Santa Rosa Hawks (June 2013) and Treppa for the Lakeport Basketball Club (March 2014-May 2014), and the Santa Rosa Hawks (June 2014). On October 20, 2012 Kimberly married, Prince Cobarrubia a Native American Pomo Indian and an enrolled adult Tribal Member of Manchester Point Arena Tribe, in a lovely ceremony held at the Featherbed Railroad Bed and Breakfast in Nice, CA.

Kimberly has learned a lot as Treasurer of the Tribe, especially in regards to the Tribe’s Fiscal Department. Diligently working with the Tribe’s Fiscal Officer and Tribal Administrator revisiting the Tribe’s Fiscal Policies & Procedures to better help with the operations of the Fiscal Department itself. In addition, she has learned how to reconcile the tribal bank statements for grant and non-grant funding, processes the running log of the Tribal Enterprise Operation finances, assisting with the annual Tribal Audits, processes requisitions weekly, updating multiple ledgers on behalf of the Executive Council, updating the Executive Council budget and providing monthly budget updates to the Executive Council. Kimberly assists with covering the Fiscal Department in full when our Fiscal Officer is out of the office, covering payroll, emergency check runs, and providing Tribal Members with simple requests when needed. Kimberly has become certified in Tribal Financial Management in 2014 from ASU.

Kimberly’s current and future goal is to be able to run the Fiscal Department; knowing the ins and outs of the department completely. During Kimberly’s term she has been hands –on and will continue to grow more knowledgeable in all aspects of the Fiscal Department along with all the Tribe’s operating policies; accomplishing this will only help her better represent the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake Tribe and its community. Lastly, Kimberly desires to exercise an “open door policy” welcoming conversation from Tribal Members at anytime.

Iris Picton – Executive Council – Secretary

Iris PictonIris Picton is Secretary for the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake, a federally recognized Indian Nation located in Upper Lake, California. Picton was elected to the Tribe’s seven member Executive Council in 2012 and re-elected in 2016. A position she assumed after working for the Tribe for more than ten years. As Secretary, she is charged with the welfare of the Tribe and success of its sovereign enterprises. In addition to her primary role of documenting tribal business, she currently serves as an advisor to the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), where her continuous efforts have led to new programs that have resulted in the betterment of its tribal youth and membership.

Prior to joining the Executive Council, Picton began her work for the Tribe as Tribal Receptionist in 2003, where she then became actively involved in its business and growing number of economic development committees. In 2003 she became Chairperson for the Tribe’s Election Board, which held its very first Secretarial Election. Since that time she has served on the Financial Oversight Committee, Grievance Review Board, Constitution Review Committee and Seven Generations Scholarship Fund Selection Committee. She has also contributed her efforts to the Housing Committee, which oversees Emergency Housing for its membership and provides student rental assistance for those in need. In 2011 Picton was appointed as the Tribal Gaming Commission (TGC) Chair, where she served until assuming her current elected position.

During her tenure on the Executive Council, the Tribe has introduced many new economic development programs including the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF) Loan Program, which enables tribal members to borrow against their next distribution, and School Clothing Allowance, to assist those families in need.

Picton was born in Ukiah and raised on the Upper Lake Rancheria. She holds a Secretarial Science Certification from Heald Business College. Picton currently resides in Ukiah with her family.

Tracey Treppa – Executive Council – Member-at-Large

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Sam Icay – Executive Council – Member-at-Large

Aimee JacksonSam was born on the Upper Lake reservation in the “old farmhouse”, which has since been replaced by a private residence. He attended Upper Lake Grammar School and the Upper Lake Union High School graduating from both schools. He worked for a local trucking company which transported pears to Williams, California for railroad shipping. He decided to enlist in the US Navy to learn a trade as an aviation jet mechanic. After completing several Naval schools, he was assigned to the USS Yorktown, CVS-10, an aircraft carrier based out of Long Beach, California. He served three years as Ships Company working as an aircraft flight director. The rest of his career was assignments to aircraft jet attack squadrons and several more aircraft carriers. He was married and raised two children while in the Navy. This caused him to start thinking about a different career. He applied for the post office carrier position, Oakland Police Officer, San Francisco Police Officer and the California Highway Patrolmen positions. He was working at the Fallon; Nevada Naval gunnery range when he received a telephone call asking if he could report to the December cadet class. His discharge date was December 6th and he entered training on the 8th of December.

Upon graduating from the CHP Academy, his first assignment was the Contra Costa county office in Concord for 14 months. He voluntarily transferred to Solano county office in Vallejo and worked there for 3 1/2 years before his final assignment in Napa County in the city of Napa. He served in Napa for 25 years and worked in several special assignments. His most favored assignment was working as a motorcycle patrol officer. Even though he was involved in 6 accidents, luckily he did not incur any serious injuries. He retired on a disability due to an injury and served 29 years and 3 months as a highway patrolman. During this time, he attended Napa Jr. College and obtained enough credits to transfer to the Golden Gate University where he eventually obtained his BA in Administration of Justice.

He took a temporary position as a security person inspecting loads exiting a local lumber yard and that turned into a full time assignment. He served for 4 years, when the Tribe advertised for the Tribal Administrator position in 2000. He applied and served 3 ½ years as the Tribal Administrator before deciding to run for the Executive Council Member-at-Large position. It was the time when the tribe was looking for financing, Land into Trust, and economic development.

His desire is to have employment for all members, housing in the local communities and to see the tribe progress towards having a good living environment, education for the children and health care, to name a few of the important issues. We need to update our Constitution, Enrollment Ordinance and the Election Ordinance. With hard work and dedication, it can be achieved.

Aimee Jackson – Executive Council – Member-At-Large

Aimee JacksonAimee Jackson-Penn is a Member-at-Large for the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake, a federally recognized Indian Nation located in Upper Lake, California. Jackson-Penn was first elected to the Tribe’s seven member Executive Council in 2013 to fill a vacancy position. She was then re-elected in 2014 to a standard four-year term. As a Member-at-Large, Jackson-Penn is tasked with the overall care of the Tribe and success of its sovereign business operations. She currently serves on the Parent Advisory (PAC), Enrollment, Housing and Seven Generation Scholarship Fund Selection Committees, where her efforts have contributed to the welfare and betterment of its tribal youth and membership.

Prior to her elected role, Jackson-Penn held multiple leadership roles in finance and education. In 2004 she assumed the role of Tribal Education Director, where she spent the next nine years dedicated to tribal youth and its opportunity for future success. She has served on the Inter Tribal Council of California – Domestic Violence (ITCC) as an advocate against domestic abuse and the Finance and Housing Committees. She is also the former Chair of the Parent Advisory Committee. In addition to these efforts, she is an active volunteer in the community. Jackson-Penn is credited with creating a stronger, more collaborative relationship with the Upper Lake School District, where she dedicated her time and staff to tutor and supervise its youth and was the delegate for the Native Community. She is a spokesperson for suicide prevention and is a Question-Persuade-Refer certified trainer. Jackson-Penn has sat on the Lake County Suicide Prevention Committee and the Lake County Diabetes Action Council, which works towards prevention and management of diabetes within the community.

She also drafted and successfully secured the Indian Museum and Library Services Grant, which enabled the Tribe to purchase books, computers and hire extra staff prior to its outside sovereign enterprises. Additionally, Jackson-Penn co-authored the AmeriCorps Planning Grant, which was also awarded.

Jackson-Penn was born in Ukiah and raised on the Upper Lake Rancheria. She currently resides in Clearlake Oaks inside Lake County, California with her husband, six children and grandchildren.

As per the Tribe’s Constitution under Article IV – Governing Body Section 1. The Executive Council is the governing body of the Tribe and are known as the Executive Council (EC). The Executive Council (EC) consists of seven (7) Members elected at large from the eligible voters of the Tribe.

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