The Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake tribal office currently has 9 employees to provide government services and programs for its membership. Tribal operations are primarily funded by federal awards which have allowed the Tribe to build capacity and infrastructure. This federal funding has allowed the Tribe to operate the following departments:

  • Administration
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Protection

The Tribe’s Administration Department which includes an Administrator, Executive Secretary and Fiscal Officer provide basic oversight and direction of the tribal programs. Governmental and financial record keeping are integral responsibilities of this department as well. The Administration Department is also the major liaison between the Tribe’s government and its membership as well as its enterprises and other outside entities.

The Tribe is extremely proud of what our Education Department has been able to accomplish with such limited resources. The Education Department is very involved with each of the schools in its small community and wishes to continue to forge a strong relationship with them that will ultimately enhance the educational opportunities of its Tribal Youth Members and community. The Education Department offers a early childhood development program (3-Preschool) and after school tutoring program (K-12) for its youth. It has opened up this opportunity for both non-tribal and non-native youth in the community. With the help of AmeriCorps, the Tribe has also been able to send tutors to both the Elementary and Middle Schools for assistance. The Tribe is dedicated to broadening its Education Department in order to reach all youth and is constantly looking to find new funding sources to accomplish this goal.

The Tribe receives an award from Housing & Urban Development (HUD) that funds its small Housing Department. This department employs one (1) director to meet the housing needs of the Tribe. Through federal funding the Tribe has been able to offer student rental assistance for two (2) full time college students each year, provide emergency rental assistance to those HPUL Tribal Members who find themselves in need of relocating due to circumstance beyond their control and offer HPUL Tribal Member homeowners an opportunity to have parts of their home rehabilitated. This program also administers help with utilities; in addition this department has facilitated a youth gymnastics program that has been funded as part of crime prevention. As of 2013 the Tribe’s government (the Executive Council) has begun supplementing the current programs with revenues received through its enterprises to demonstrate its desire to address the housing needs of its Tribal Members. Recently 3 new programs have been created for HPUL Tribal Members that include Advanced Student Rental Assistance, Homeowners Disaster Assistance and Homebuyer Assistance.

The Tribe has operated its own Transportation Program since 2011. This program employs one (1) Tribal Transit Driver who works in conjunction with other staff departments to provide transportation to events mainly servicing the youth and elder Members. The Transportation Department also provides bi-monthly trips to other government agencies such as the Sherwood Valley Food Program so that Tribal Members can utilize these outside needed services as well.

The Tribes Environmental Department employs a Director and an assistant as well as several independent contractors to work with multiple agencies in carrying forward the Tribe’s environmental protection goals.

Following is a list and brief description of some (not all) of the programs and/or services that the Tribe offers to its membership:

All adult HPUL Tribal Members may request a loan against their future RSTF distribution. Tribal Members may request loan amounts up to $1,000.00 if that amount is available after any deductions the Tribal Member may have authorized. Fees are applicable to amounts borrowed by HPUL Tribal Members at a rate of $5.00 for every $100.00 borrowed. HPUL Tribal Members may pay the loan balance in full with next distribution or repay the loan in payments of $250.00 or $500.00. Tribal Members may only have one RSTF loan outstanding at any given time. (Exception would be if a Tribal Member has an outstanding loan, they may request an emergency loan in the event of a death in the family).

Guidelines | Application – Please Fax to 707-275-0757 or 707-275-2007.

This program is available for adult HPUL Tribal Members that experiences a death in the family. This loan program follows the same process and requirements of the above RSTF Discretionary Loan Program with the exception that no fees are charged and a death in the family is the only instance when this loan can be requested.

Guidelines | Application – Please Fax to 707-275-0757 or 707-275-2007.

At this time the Tribe will provide assistance to HPUL Tribal Members by making payment of $5,000.00 to the burial / cremation expenses of a deceased HPUL Tribal Member.


In keeping with the Pomo culture and tradition, the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake, is a Tribe that believes in showing honor and respect to those that have come before and paved the way for us as a people; therefore, the Executive Council has created the Honored Elders Program that provides a monthly distribution to tribal elders aged sixty five years (60) and above. An elder who has attained the age of 60 will receive $500.00 monthly. Once an elder reaches the age of 60, they will need to complete and submit an Honored Elders Program application to the tribal office; in addition to an annual expense form. This form must be renewed each year in order to keep this payment non-taxable.

Guidelines | Application

As part of the California Indian Manpower Consortium, the tribe is eligible to have elders who meet the specific criteria of being age 60 years + and living on the Upper Lake Rancheria or within 20 miles of that location receive services through this program. More details to come as the program develops after the next scheduled meeting of 1/12/15 located at the tribal office at 1p.m.

This program has been with the Tribe since our partnership with Mr. Tom Celani in developing Running Creek Casino for the Tribe. It has undergone a number of revisions since its inception and is currently funded by the Tribe’s partners associated with our Tribal Lending Enterprises. The programs funding is also supplemented by funds the Tribe receives in revenues from our Enterprises. The goal of the Seven Generations Scholarship Fund program is to lessen the financial obstacles that HPUL tribal members face when trying to further their education and also motivate and provide assistance for those HPUL tribal members who wish to add to their vocational skills. Finally, the program looks to turn tribal youth in to well rounded individuals by rewarding students who are in school and receive good grades by assisting with the cost of many extra curricular activities that our youth partake in. The 5 categories currently funded by this program are:

Eligibility criteria, applications and other general information can be found at the Tribal Scholarship Page. With an extended expense to further your educational success and future plans the Tribe has established a program entitled, “College Bound” see below for more information or contact Tribal Program & Services Coordinator at or 707-275-0737 ext. 14.

This program is to assist Tribal Members who want to pursue college or post graduate degrees by helping them with costs associated with applications to their desired colleges, universities or credential programs. For further information please contact Tribal Program & Services Coordinator at or 707-275-0737 ext. 14.

The initial expense to set your educational plans and future success in motion, the established its own scholarships program entitled, “Seven Generations Scholarship Fund (SGSF)” see above for more information or contact the Tribe’s scholarship committee, identified as the “Scholarship Fund Selection Committee (SFSC)” at

Memo | Guidelines & Application

This federally funded program has been around for awhile. Because it is funded by the Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) that the Tribe receives, funding allocations are based on the number of enrolled HPUL Tribal Members and the land and housing units that the Tribe is responsible for; therefore funding is very limited. Also strict income restrictions apply to this and any other federally funded program that the Tribe administers, so very few HPUL Tribal Members qualify for this assistance. Homeowners who qualify may apply to have portions of their home rehabilitated based on need and budget. Contact the HPUL-Housing Department at 707-275-0737 ext. 18 or at or feel free to come into the tribal office (Rm.6) for further information and/or to obtain an application or program guidelines.

This federally funded program is designed to teach our youth the sport of gymnastics while instilling fundamental life concepts such as strength, skill, confidence, self-esteem and technique. This program works in conjunction with our Education and Tribal Transit Departments by organizing and providing transportation to and from SkyCatch Elite Gymnastics Academy (888 Lakeport Blvd., Lakeport, CA) for 2 classes per week for youth ages 3-17 instructed by certified coach Jerae Berton-Devore. Parent and me classes are also available three mornings per week along with other scheduled classes/timeframes and occasionally on Saturday evenings the academy does a “Kids Night Out” for parents. “These classes plus the gym’s “public” schedule are also offered FREE OF CHARGE to HPUL Tribal Members.” For further information please contact Gymnastics Coach Jerae Berton-Devore at 707-490-6053.

GYM Schedule

This program seeks to reward and provide motivation for those tribal members in the work force by disbursing quarterly payments to offset the rising cost of living for food, shelter, clothing and transportation. These costs can become very complicated for tribal members who may be transitioning into the work force as well as those who have been gainfully employed for any number of years. The program further seeks to provide limited quarterly financial assistance to those adult Tribal Members (18 years of age and up) who are legally disabled, full time students who cannot take on a job as well as those who are unemployed, but can demonstrate that they are consistently looking for employment.

Guidelines & Application

The purpose of this benefit program is to afford Tribal Members who meet the Tribe’s eligibility requirements for additional support for a self sufficient lifestyle, and to assist in meeting these needs by providing supplement assistance payments. This program is designed to increase overall tribal health and wellness and to alleviate the negative effects of termination on tribal individuals, families and the Tribe as a whole, by providing supplemental funding that can be used to offset the additional expenses associated with persons who have suffered personal, family or tribal injury as a result of termination. The Tribe looks to preserve the emotional and physical wellness of our Tribal Members.

Guidelines | Application | Payment Request Form | Revisions Notice January 27th 2017

Committees are a valuable part of a properly functioning government. With the recent growth experienced by the Tribe, the need for a group of competent and well organized committees are now more important than ever before; therefore, committees will be compensated when adhering to the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake (HPUL) -Tribal Committee Operating Procedures (TCOP).

TCOP Guidelines

The purpose of this program is to give an Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake (HPUL) Tribal Member an opportunity to either take a step in pursuing a personal goal to enrich their lives or give a Tribal Member a chance to recover from one of life’s many challenges by donating $2,500.00 to an individual selected by the Executive Council on a quarterly basis. Tribal Members who wish to be considered must submit a two (2) page essay on how receiving this donation would either allow them to pursue an out of reach opportunity or take a step in re-directing their life (re-location to a new home, pay off small debt, purchase or place a down payment on vehicle, etc.)


The Tribe funds the following programs / classes for our HPUL enrolled youth therefore to inquiry about these programs and what they have to offer contact the Education Department at 707-275-0737 ext. 15 or via email at or feel free to come in to the tribal office (Rm. 3 or 4) for more information or to obtain the necessary paperwork:

  1. Back-to-School Gift Card – Application
  2. Apprentice Work Program
  3. Pomo Language Classes (Postponed until further notice)
  4. Traditional Pomo Dance Classes (Postponed until further notice)
  5. Storytelling Classes (Postponed until further notice)
  6. Parent & Child Playgroup Classes
  7. Imagination Library
  8. After School Program (Mon.-Fri. 2pm-5pm; children ages 5 & Above)
  9. Creative Communication Poetry & Essay Contest
  10. Early Childhood Education Program (Mon.-Thurs. 11am-2pm; children ages 3 – 5)
  11. Easter Seals Assessments
  12. Gymnastics – Private Class (School Calendar: Every Mon. & Wed. 12:30pm-1:30pm; children ages 3-5 & parent); (Summer Calendar: TBA; children ages 5 & Above)
  13. Heart Program
  14. MoTiVaTeD! Program
  15. ONE-ON-ONE Student Tutoring (By Appointment Only)
  16. Star Program
  17. Summer Program (children ages 5 & Above)
  18. Summer Reading Program (children of all ages)
  19. Y.E.S. (Youth Empowerment Services) Program (Onsite Every Wed. 3:30pm-4:30pm; children ages: 5th grade & Above)
  20. Child & Parent Playgroup (Onsite Every Fri. 12:30pm-2pm; children ages: 0-5 & adults)

Effective August 14, 2015 the Executive Council approved a Tribal Member Vehicle Rental Program for members’ personal use. This program is designed for Tribal Members with a valid driver’s license to reserve and rent one of the Tribe’s motor vehicles which consist of two (2) twelve (12) passenger vans, two (2) seven (7) passenger mini vans and one (1) five (5) passenger sport utility vehicle. For more information click on the program’s policy/guidelines link below or contact the Tribal Administrator at 707-275-0737 extension 13 or via email at To reserve an HPUL rental vehicle, Tribal Members must fill out, sign and submit the program’s reservation form. To obtain the reservation form, click on the program link below.

Guidelines and Reservation Form

The Tribe’s Housing Services Department has established a Student Rental Assistance Program under the NAHASDA (Native American Housing Assistance Self Determination Act) Program that will serve the housing needs of its student Tribal Members living on and off the reservation and whose principle place of residence is within the service area. This program is to assist in alleviating the financial housing burden of Tribal Members while attending college, vocational or university schools with monthly rental assistance. Qualified applicants must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or above and provide proof each quarter. Assistance is for a total of four (4) years, exceptions will be considered for those eligible under the Tribe’s ADVANCED Student Rental Assistance Program.

Contact the HPUL-Housing Department at 707-275-0737 ext. 18 or at or feel free to come into the tribal office (Rm.6) for further information and/or to obtain an application or program guidelines.

Policies and Procedures | Application

This program was designed for those HPUL Tribal Member students who wish to pursue their education beyond the initial 4 years of collegiate studies and have used up their eligibility from the Tribe’s Student Rental Assistance Program. Contact the HPUL-Housing Department at 707-275-0737 ext. 18 or at or feel free to come into the tribal office (Rm.6) for further information and/or to obtain an application or program guidelines.


The Tribe funds the following other programs / services for our HPUL enrolled youth in an educational capacity, therefore to inquiry about these other programs and what they have to offer contact the Tribal Program & Services Coordinator at 707-275-0737 ext. 14 or via email at or feel free to come in to the tribal office (Rm. 3) for more information or to obtain the necessary paperwork:

  1. Educational Clothing Allowance Program (ECAP)
  2. Youth Advancement Program (YAP)
  3. Student Grade Incentive
  4. Basic School Supply
  5. Leadership Program

Physical Address: 375 E. Hwy 20, Suite I Upper Lake, CA 95485 - Mailing Address: P.O. Box 516 Upper Lake, CA 95485
Phone: 707-275-0737 ext. 13 - Toll Free: 1-877-543-5102 - Fax: 707-275-0757 - Private Fax: 707-275-2007
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