Instructions and criteria for the Adult Education Scholarship Award:
  1. Applicant must be a Tribal Member of the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake.
  2. Applicants must show verification of enrollment in an accredited educational program for the General Education Diploma (GED) scholarship.
  3. Applicants for employment assistance must submit verification of payment (receipts), invoices for training, enrollment in an organization which provides employment, training, or advancement in an employment workplace. (Examples: union dues for pre-training/pre-employment, enrollment fees for training which will provide employment advancement.)
  4. Special consideration for other educational/employment assistance may be available (i.e.; tools, uniforms, certifications, etc.).
  5. Applicants must submit all requested information listed on the application form. If the applicant is requesting payment directly to the organization, the following information must be provided; organization’s name, address and telephone numbers. If the applicant is requesting reimbursement, valid proof of payment and attendance is required. Acceptable forms of documentation for the above include; brochures, informational packets, general affidavit, invoices/billings, copies of receipts paid in advance, and other valid types of payment receipts are to accompany the application before awards are issued.

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